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While we No longer offer  24  TRACK  LIVE  RECORDING  or  Concert Sound Engineering,  we kept all of our related equipment and invested in the expansion of our Studio with the addition of Digital Automated Mixing Consoles supporting PRO TOOLS, CUBASE and SIBELIUS Music Notation Software.  Currently, we continue to provide several specialized Music Studio Services portable to the Web.
STUDIOS - Our In-House POST-PRODUCTION Facilities are equipped for Analog Production AND Digital Mixers with Automation.
MUSIC SCORES - Using SIBELIUS, we create Publisher Quality MUSIC SCORES from Scratch or your Original MultiTrack Recordings.
MUSIC XML - MusicXML (EXtensible Markup Language) is a standard Open XML-based file format for representing Western Music Notation.
MIDI - Allows electronic instruments and other digital musical tools to communicate with each other.
SOUND TRACKS - Are recorded Instrument tracks usually of BASS and DRUMS but can also be for 1 or many Instruments.
The following Overviews provide for Links with more Details for each MUSIC Service or Product:

Control Room



Our In-House POST-PRODUCTION STUDIO is equipped for 56x48 Track Analog Production  AND  Digital Mixers with Automation for Digital Tracks with PRO TOOLS or CUBASE viewed across 2-24" side-by-side Flat Screen displays.  We can Import 24 Track Analog Recordings from our HD24 via Ethernet to SIBELIUS Music Notation Software and Add Other Instruments or Orchestrations and SYNC Your MUSIC to Your VIDEO file with PRO TOOLS or CUBASE for Analog-to-Digital Mix-Downs complete with Automation ... MORE  PRODUCTION  STUDIO  DETAILS


Sibelius Rock Band Music Score

Using SIBELIUS, we create Publisher Quality  MUSIC  SCORES  from Scratch or your Original MultiTrack Recordings, which may be printed or exported in PDF format & MP3 Audio, for Individual Instruments or the Entire Score!   Every Instrument from a Guitar with or without TAB, Piano, Band arrangements for All Instruments and Full Orchestrations are more than possible!
We also specialize in producing Music & Theory Lesson Music Scores with playback including Guitar Fretboards or Piano Keyboard in Sync with the Score.   Scores can be either exported as PDF or MP3 Files, an Interactive Web Page OR we can create an MP4 Movie File with a Fretboard or Keyboard playing back in Sync with the Score that can also be viewed on a Website.   Numerous features for Instrument Scores include:
- Custom Guitar Chord Chart Diagrams
- Custom Guitar Scale Chart Diagrams from 5 to 15 Frets and to varying overall sizes
- Guitar Fret Number options allows text labels at the 1st fret of a Chord/Scale diagrams or down the fretboard (e.g. “5fr”)
- Dead On Guitar TABS created from the Score itself
- On Screen Fretboard of various sizes in Sync with Score playback
- Piano Keyboard from 88 keys to 1 Octave in Sync with Score playback
- Graphic Export of Scores   ... MORE  MUSIC  SCORES  DETAILS


Sibelius Music Notation software features an Option to create Interactive Music Scores in HTML format that works with the FREE Scorch Plugin, available for download on our Web Server (See Below).  Each Music Score includes Sound that lets you Hear the Music and See the Timing for each string played by watching the Vertical Blue Line move across the Music over the Notes and TAB on the beat.   Use the Controls on TOP of the Music Score to Play and practice at your own speed or change other settings.  Customize the Toolbar Controls to provide access to the Features you want Users to have.   ... SCORCH SCORES Details and FREE Plug-in Downloads

Firth Of Fifth - Piano Intro MP3
(All Web SCORE and MP3 Files Exported from Sibelius Scores)

Firth of Fifth Score

Music XML Logo

MusicXML (EXtensible Markup Language) is a standard Open XML-based file format for representing Western Music Notation. It was designed for sharing Sheet Music files between different Music Notation Software programs and for archiving Sheet Music Files for use in the future.   Web support is possible through the use of the HTML5 canvas element and JavaScript resulting in the rendering of legible music within a web browser. Features include Key and Time Signatures, Clefs, Note Beaming information, Note Stem directions, Slurs, Ornaments, Bar Lines and written repeats.   ... MORE  MUSIC  XML  DETAILS



MIDI  (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a protocol developed in the 1980's which allows electronic instruments and other digital musical tools to communicate with each other.  MIDI itself does not make sound, it is just a series of messages like "note on," "note off," "note/pitch," "pitchbend," and many more. These messages are interpreted by a MIDI instrument to produce sound.  A MIDI instrument can be a piece of hardware (electronic keyboard, synthesizer) or part of a software environment (Pro Tools, Sibelius, CuBase, Ableton, GarageBand, Logic ...)!  MIDI is used around the world by Musicians, Arrangers, Composers, Producers and hobbyists to create, perform, learn, and share music and artistic works.   ... MORE  MIDI  DETAILS


Sound Tracks Page

SOUND TRACKS are Instrumental Music tracks added to Slideshows or Product Videos. BAND Sound Tracks or BACKING Tracks of any style of Music are created to Play or Jam along with by any instrument or Vocals. Variations of the same Song with 1 Instrument or Vocal Track muted leaves the remaining Band Tracks playing   ... MORE  SOUND  TRACKS  DETAILS



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"MUSIC  is  the  only  Universal  Language  that  every  Person,  Animal  and  Plant  can  Understand,  Appreciate  and  Enjoy!"
  David ... at the Cottage

Our Love of Music began as children taking Music Lessons as we approached that mandatory Kindergarten School age.  Jam Sessions started around 12 years of age in Basement Bands that led to further pursuit of Music of all Styles at University.  Jamming,  Performing,  Composing  and Recording leaves a Legacy of Passion that carries forward to be shared by ALL through Technology!


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