SOUND TRACKS are recorded Instrument tracks usually of BASS and DRUMS but they can also be for a single Instrument or different Combinations of instruments for your SONGS.

PERFECT for Musician's and Duets now Gigging without Real Bass and Drums.  Send us a GHOST TRACK of a Song and we'll Add a Multi-Track Mix-Down to MP3 for BASS & DRUMS or whatever Instrument or Combination you require!  Great for MP3 PLAY-BACK SET LISTS and without Vocals, you can take KARAOKE  1  Step further by Singing and Playing your Instrument, since both would be absent from your Custom MIX!


Add Instruments, Re-Mix OR use as Studio Quality Tracks for your VIDEO Files!

Replace the AUDIO or Add SOUND Tracks on Your VIDEO with either Recorded Sound Tracks or via Music created with our Score Software and synced with your Video file.  You have several options including:
* Update and Replace all of your Video Sound with New Sound Tracks.
* Keep parts of the Original sound and ADD to it.
* Add Narration.
* Transfer your Video Sound Tracks to an MP3 file.

Audio can also be added to SLIDE SHOWS and set to Sync with Picture Frame Changes.  Great for Youtube presentations.

Sound Tracks



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"MUSIC  is  the  only  Universal  Language  that  every  Person,  Animal  and  Plant  can  Understand,  Appreciate  and  Enjoy!"
  David ... at the Cottage

Our Love of Music began as children taking Music Lessons as we approached that mandatory Kindergarten School age.  Jam Sessions started around 12 years of age in Basement Bands that led to further pursuit of Music of all Styles at University.  Jamming,  Performing,  Composing  and Recording leaves a Legacy of Passion that carries forward to be shared by ALL through Technology!


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