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YouTube  Videos

Have an original Video on DVD or a video file you want converted for YouTube?   We can help!   Straight conversions of your entire video or an edited Video segment can be prepared and uploaded to your YouTube Channel or account.

We can also create Slideshow versions of your provided text and sync your audio to the slideshows and convert everything to a YouTube Video file format.   Audio editing can also be performed.   For example, if you only want part of your original music or song to be heard against your presentation then we can edit the preferred segment in our studio to be heard for you.

Our MultiMedia Studio  provides for numerous options for a greater Visual presentation including;  Photo Galleries - MUSIC - Narration - Video and Slideshow options.

Want your website to feature your YouTube Video but have it embedded and played on your web page ... No problem.   We can provide the code required to accomplish that task, complete with YouTube Video Controls.

YouTube code by MamWare:

YouTube Video by Avid.


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