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Our qualified training specialist has been developing and delivering courses in Adult Education for over 20 years in both Corporate training and Post-Secondary credit courses for the classroom and on-line access in a wide array of business and computer subjects.

We can develop training programs for your employees which may be run on computers at the office or home.    By incorporating Web based technologies users only require a Web Browser to view training materials.

Documented Procedures for various Job Positions easily run with a Web Browser and can be distributed through your own in-house intranet as a cost efficient means to ensure your employees have easy access to company policies, procedures or training.    

SAVE on paper, printing, travel and provide immediate updates to changes as they occur.

Add courseware to your Web site for Members or Visitors.    You can further include Tests or a Quiz, based on the material content, providing a simple soultion for marking or general knowledge Reviews and Updates.

Our MultiMedia Studio  provides for numerous options for a greater Visual presentation including;  Photo Galleries - MUSIC - Narration - Video and Slideshow options.


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