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In the first 3 months of 2011, Google earned  US$2.34  Billion from their Adsense Ads or $9.36  Billion annualized, which is 28% of their total yearly earnings.   Web Domain owners can enrol in Google Adsense programs and choose from different Ad Revenue options such as Display Units or Click-Through to earn different rates of revenue.

We can modify your Web Site with the necessary Google Adsense Codes so you can Start Running & Tracking Google Ads.

You choose the type of Ad Unit you want displayed & select the Ad appearance to best suit your Web site.   Google Ads are placed on your Web pages located where you want and may be:

  * Text and Image Ads
  * Text Ads only
  * Image Ads only

    You can also choose from a variety of Sizes to best fit your Web page, such as:



  300 x 250   Medium Rectangle   120 x 600   Skyscraper
  336 x 280   Large Rectangle   120 x 240   Vertical Banner
  728 x 90   Leaderboard   250 x 250   Square
  160 x 600   Wide Skyscraper   200 x 200   Small Square
  468 x 60   Horizontal Banner   180 x 150   Small Rectangle
  234 x 60   Half Horizontal Banner   125 x 125   Button

There are several other options such as Color schemes, Fonts and Corner styles including:
  * Square Corners
  * Slightly Rounded
  * Very Rounded

Add a  GOOGLE Map, Satellite  or Street View of your Location to your Web Site.



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