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BANDS  &  MUSICIANS  ...  Add an MP3 Player to your Web Site complete with a Custom Play List of your  ORIGINAL  MUSIC!   We can create Hi-Quality MP3 versions of your songs from your CD for your Web Site!
Songs in MP3 format are added to the Play List along with your chosen Titles, which Hi-Light when Played & Scroll across the Top Animated Progress Bar along with the   Song-Time | Total-Time  in  (min:sec | min:sec)
All Songs Courtesy Of:

God's Got A Gun - 2017
    Death I Know - 2014
World Wars - 2013                Kill Foster ReMix                 Outside - 2012 

 Cities Will Fall - 2010           LA Sessions - 2008          An Arcane State - 2006
The MP3 Player can be scaled in size to fit your Web Page with Controls for:
    * Play/Pause/Stop
    * Volume Control
    * Play List Slider Control
    * Animated Progress Bar with Timer
    * Auto Play Setting

Users can also just Click on a Song Title in the Play List to jump to the song they want to hear!   Optionally, a Click in the Progress Bar will jump to that point in the current Song playing!

Add your CD covers & Song Info to start your Own Discography to help get your Music Heard!   Visitors can also listen to your Music while they Surf Your Site in another Browser TAB.


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