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SIBELIUS  and other Music Notation Software  Programs are Networked to our Recording Studio with a separate Dual-Core computer viewed on a  24" HDTV/Monitor with Altec Lansing powered speakers.  We can create Publisher Quality MUSIC SCORES  from your Original MultiTrack Recordings, which may be printed or exported in PDF format & MP3 Audio, for Individual Instruments or the Entire Score!   Everything from a Guitar with or without TAB, Piano, Band arrangements with Full Orchestrations are more than possible!

MUSIC  SCORES  can be created from  SCRATCH  Without playing a Musical Instrument for everything from a Guitar, Piano, a Band, String Quartet to Full Orchestrations capable of exporting PDF Scores, MP3 Audio and Interactive Web Music Score files as Shown Below ...

MP3 Play List
Interactive Web Music Scores

The First 6 Arrangements were created with SIBELIUS Music Notation Software ONLY!

NO actual Instruments were Recorded or Played.   The 6 MP3 files and Web Score pages were all Exported from each Score.

The 7TH MP3 was Played for that Classic
STRAT - 100 Watt MARSHALL Sound.
(We  Couldn't  Resist!)

- The 4TH MP3 in the Play List Dubbed
"ODE TO BUGS BUNNY - Mozart" is
 "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K525 - Allegro"
and is often known as
'A Little Night Music'  or
'A Little Serenade'.  Most people only  recognize this song when they hear it and  know it from watching Bugs Bunny!

You can listen to each MP3 song indivdually OR Click on a Music Score and See a larger Pop-Up Interactive Web Page for each arrangement.

The Guitar Scores generate the TABS so they are Always DEAD ON!

SIBELIUS, Music Scores can be linked
with PRO TOOLS or CUBASE for Re-Mix, Voice-Overs & Video Sync.

Export PDF files of Individual Instruments or the Entire Score, including TABS!

  * Input with the on-screen Music Notation Keypad and PC Mouse.
  * Input from Multi-Track sequencers like CuBase, ProTools, AudioScore Ultimate, etc.,.
  * Play directly into a Music Score with a Guitar, Keyboard or MIDI Instrument.
  * Treble, Bass, Alto and Tenor Clefs supported.
  * Transpose to any Key Signature.
  * Multiple Time & Key Signature changes.
  * Play Back the Score as you enter notes, chords and so on.
  * Full Sound Libraries with separate VST sampled instrument sounds.
  * Add Chord Symbols with Guitar Chord or Scale Charts above the Score.
  * Add Guitar TABLATURE and use TAB to create the Score OR the Score to create TAB.

As seen, the finished score can further be exported to a Web page for Real-Time Interactive Playback via the Free SCORCH Plug-in.   Each Music Score includes Sound that lets you Hear the Music and See the Timing for each note played by watching the Vertical BLUE Line move across the Music over the Notes on the beat, including Guitar TAB when present.

Users can PLAY Back the Score on a Web page using the Controls on TOP of the Music Score to Play, Practice at their own speed without changing the Tuning, Pause, Stop, Move Between Pages, Jump to a Specfic Bar and Note or change other settings as shown in Full-Size below:

Our 24 Track Hard Disk Recorder (HD24) features an IP assignable Ethernet port providing access by our dedicated Music Network server for an Automated Mix-Down with CuBase for the Master Mix.   2 Hard Drive caddies hold up to a 2TB (TeraByte) drive each, providing an independent safety Back-Up copy AND Storage for Tons of Songs!   Cataloged Hard Drives reside in their own individual Sealed, Custom Molded Storage Case until needed.

The HD24 hard drive Analog files can also be direct-transferred to a PC for access by CuBase.   The Mixed-Down Multi-Tracks files can be Syncnronized to Your VIDEO with Sibelius and/or AudioScore Ultimate to create an Automated Mix-Down of your final Music Scores on Your Video and MORE ...

MUCH   MORE ......


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