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Add Custom MUSIC, SOUND TRACKS or NARRATION to your MultiMedia Presentations!
Our In-House POST-PRODUCTION STUDIO is equipped for 56x48 Track Analog Recording & Mix-Down  AND  a Digital Mixer with Automation for Digital Tracks with PRO TOOLS or CUBASE viewed across 2-24" side-by-side Flat Screen displays.  We can Import 24 Track Analog Recordings to SIBELIUS Music Notation Software and Add Other Instruments or Orchestrations and SYNC Your MUSIC to Your VIDEO file with PRO TOOLS or CUBASE for Analog-to-Digital Mix-Downs complete with Automation.  
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A Mackie 56x56 Channel 8 Bus Console with 48 Channels of Balanced Tape Sends & Returns provides for a complete Analog Recording and Mix-Down solution.   ADC  52 point Balanced 1/4" Patch Bays with Custom Wiring Harnesses link our Outboard FX Racks, 2 & 24 Track Recorders to the Main Mixing Console.   A dedicated computer system includes a Music Server with Intel Dual-Xeon processors, Networked via our Nortel Networks Baystack 24-port Ethernet Hub to our 24 Track  HD Recorder, which maintains the Original Analog format without digitizing the Original Recording.  

The Mackie HUI is a Digital Mixer for Automation with Flying Faders and Moving Controls updated when any changes are made during Mix-Down in either PRO TOOLS or CUBASE.   Our Music Server is further equipped with a Sound Blaster Live Platinum 5.1 Surround card, a MIDI  IN/OUT Drive and a KMX MIDI Patch Bay.

An ALESIS 12 Channel Stereo Analog-FireWire Mixer provides optional Analog-to-Digital connectivity directly to CuBase on our Computer Network.   

Our DigiDesign MBOX 2 Pro and Mini MBOX 2 provides for Analog and MIDI input options along with a 4 port Anniversary MIDISport MIDI box for a Pro Tools interface.

Our Alesis HD24 Analog  24 TRACK  HD Recorder provides the versatility of 24 Analog Balanced Tape In/Outs, 24 Optical In/Outs, an IP Assignable Ethernet, MIDI In/Out, ADAT Syncs  &  RC ports.   Recorded Tracks are stored as Analog Sound on caddied Magnetic Hard Drives instead of 2" Magnetic Tape.   2 Hard Drive caddies hold up to a 2TB (TeraByte) drive each, providing an independent safety Back-Up copy AND Tons of Storage for your Multi-Track Songs!   RECORD 24 Tracks with up to 24 hours Recording Time at 48Khz Sampling rate for MP3 HD on a 320GB Hard Drive.   Cataloged Hard Drives reside in their own individual Sealed, Custom Molded Storage Case until needed.


MONITORING  presents Classic Choices from:
speakers at the push of Selector buttons.   The Studio itself is kept Tuned through a dedicated pair of 31 Band (1/3 Octave) Graphic Equalizers complete with Lo-Hi Cut Offs, Limiters, Sub-Sonic Filters and Pink Noise Generators with Spectrum Analyzers on each Frequency Band.  A pair of Balanced Matched Condensor Microphones are used for Pink Noise Room Frequency measurements.

A complete array of Quality  MUSICAL  INSTRUMENTS  &  TALENT are always Ready!

BACK-UP  TRACKS   are Perfect for Duets now Gigging without a Bass and Drums.   We can provide you with an MP3 Stereo Mix for your Rythm Section AND a Multi-Track copy for Future additional Instrument Tracks or New MIX-DOWNS.   You can have SET LISTS of Chosen Songs as MP3 playback files, with or without a subtle count-in Click-Track, to Play Back with on Gigs.   Change the Playlist order for each Show and Add new Songs when you need them to increase your collection.    It also makes Band Practice Easy!

VIDEO  SOUND-TRACKS  can be Replaced OR Add MUSIC to the Original Video Sound.   We can Syncronize Your VIDEO  file to  CUBASE  and  SIBELIUS  via ReWire to provide complete Multi-Track Audio Control over your new Video Sound-Track.   Several Types of Audio Mix-Downs are available for your Final Video project.   Audio can also be added to SLIDE SHOWS  and set to Synchronize with Picture Frame Changes.

MUSIC  NOTATION  SOFTWARE  Programs are also Networked with a separate Intel Quad-Core computer viewed on a  24" HDTV/Monitor with Altec Lansing powered speakers.   24 Track Analog files and CuBase are accessed to create Publisher Quality Music Scores of each performance  AND  you can add Orchestration, Other Instruments, Guitar TAB or explore numerous other options.   

SIBELIUS  MUSIC  SCORES  can even be created from  SCRATCH  Without playing a musical instrument for everything from a Guitar, Piano, a Band, String Quartet to Full Orchestrations capable of exporting PDF, MP3 Audio and Interactive Web Music Score files  &  MUCH MORE ...

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