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ADD A VIDEO to your Web Site and Really get your Message Across!
The HTML5 Markup Language now includes specifications for Web Video that dosen't require Broswer Video Plug-ins such as Flash Player, QuickTime, SilverLight and RealPlayer.   This JavaScript Video Player is HTML5 compliant & designed to work in all Major Browsers providing for Flash Fallback support and other Plug-Ins, if the Browser or Mobile Device doesn't support Flash, such as the iPhone or iPad.   The iPhone , iPad and Android support  HTML5.
Click the FULL-SCREEN Button in the Bottom Right Panel ... then the PLAY Button.
Video Clip is from:
VIDEO  SOUND  TRACKS  can be Replaced OR Add MUSIC & Voice-Overs to the Original Video Sound.   We can Syncronize Your VIDEO  file to  CUBASE  and SIBELIUS  via ReWire to provide complete Multi-Track Audio Control over your new Video Sound-Track.   Several Types of Audio Mix-Downs are available for your Final Video project.   Audio can also be added to SLIDE SHOWS  and set to Synchronize with Picture Frame Changes.   VIDEO File Formats supported by our STUDIO  include:   MOV, MPG, MPEG, M2V, MP4, AVI and DV.

With HTML5 Video Player, in Full-Screen Mode the Movie will fill your entire Web Page instead of your screen.   The Video Player is scalable in Size to fit your Web Page with appearance changed by CSS Skins.   Player Controls have visible options including:
    * Play/Pause
    * Volume Control
    * Hideable Progess Bar showing location in Movie in Current Time/Total Time.
    * Full-Screen Mode

You may assign a Poster Image file, such as a JPEG, of your choice for the Player default image to display when the Player loads or has finished playing.

Supported Browsers:
    * FireFox  Safari  Opera  Google Chrome  IE 11

FallBack Support For:
    * Internet Explorer 6   IE7   and IE8-10

Supported Formats:
    * h.264 MPEG4    Ogg/Theora     WebM/VP8

Supported Devices:
    * iPhone    iPad    Android



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