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We  Specialize  in  Custom  MultiMedia  WEB  PROJECTS  For
NO SALES TAX - We take care of it for You!
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Our array of professional IN-HOUSE  Web Services  provides the advantage of offering our Clients efficient ALL-IN-ONE solution packages including:  

- Domain Registrations, Renewals, Transfers, SSL Certs,

- Check out some of our  WEB  PROJECTS listed on our Web Design page!   We can create a new Web Site Design from scratch   OR   Preview Over 500  Web Designs in our   Indexed  with  Over 100  Alphabetical Categories!
(Note: PREMIUM Templates are Sold only ONCE!)

- UNLIMITED  BANDWIDTH  &  STORAGE package ... Loaded with Features!  An Advanced Hosting package is also available for Webmasters.   All-In-One COMBO PACKAGES for your projects provide fixed costs before you start, including your Annual Renewal Cost to keep your Budgets happy.
*** NEW for 2018 - FREE Basic SSL Certificate for All Hosted Domains ***


Add an MP3 Player with Play List,  Photo Gallery,  Slideshow  or  Video to your Web Site.   Explore our  ,  ,   and     pages for samples.
Great for  Product Catalogs,  Showcasing Music,  Photos  or  Training Applications.
Add Custom MUSIC, SOUND EFFECTS or NARRATION to your MultiMedia Presentations! Replace the AUDIO or Add SOUND Tracks to Your VIDEO   . . .  all possible in our Studio. Audio can also be added to SLIDE SHOWS  and set to Sync with Picture Frame Changes.
Include your RADIO ADS  for MP3  playback.
SEE   and  HEAR  the Possibilites to bring your Web Site ALIVE!

 Interactive PDF Fillable & Saveable Forms make life easier for your staff and clients, which we can create or modify existing Forms or Documents for your convenience.

Want to Add    to your Web Site?   We Can Help!   Once you've registered your Web Domain with Google Adsense we can update your site with the necessary Google Code to place the Type of Ads you want, located where you prefer on your Web pages.
Web-Based Training through    is an All-Around Efficient way to provide your users with Readily Accessible and Up-To-Date lesson materials, as well as indexed Reference Resources.   Add MultiMedia for a more Dynamic & Professional presentation.


Our In-House   is equipped for 56 Channels for up to 48 Tracks of Analog Recording & Mix-Down AND Unlimited Digital Tracks with or  viewed across  2-24" side-by-side Flat Screen displays.  A dedicated computer system includes a Music Server with Intel Dual-Xeon processors, Networked via our Nortel Networks Baystack 24-port Ethernet Hub to our 24 Track  HD Recorders, which maintains the Original Analog format without digitizing the Original Recording.   Optionally, we can Import 24 Track Analog Recordings into Music Notation Software & Add other Instruments or Orchestrations and SYNC Your MUSIC to Your VIDEO file in PRO TOOLS or CUBASE for Analog-to-Digital Mix-Downs with Automation to MP3 HD or 5.1 Surround Sound.

 are done with a Mackie HUI Digital Mixer running PRO TOOLS, SIBELIUS  or  CUBASE.   Changes in the Mix are made on the HUI, stored in the Software controlling the Flying Faders and other Console changes for Automated Digital Mix-Downs.


Publisher Quality    can be created from 24 Track Analog Recordings and CuBase or Pro Tools of each performance & you can add Orchestration, Other Instruments, Guitar TAB or explore numerous other options.   MUSIC NOTATION SOFTWARE  Programs are Networked with a separate Intel Quad-Core computer viewed on a  24" HDTV/Monitor complete with Altec Lansing powered speakers.  

SIBELIUS  MUSIC SCORES  can even be created from  SCRATCH  Without playing a musical instrument for everything from a Guitar (with Dead-On TABS), Piano, a Band, String Quartet to Full Orchestrations ALL capable of exporting to PDF, MP3 HD Audio, Interactive Web Music Score, Multi-Track Audio to Video-Sync amd 5.1 Surround Sound.
&  MUCH MORE ...

A complete array of Quality  MUSICAL  INSTRUMENTS  &  TALENT are always Ready!   are Perfect for Musician's and Duets now Gigging without Real Bass and Drums.   Send us a  GHOST TRACK  of a Song and we'll Add a Multi-Track Mix-Down to MP3 for BASS & DRUMS  or whatever Instrument or Combination you require!   Great for MP3 PLAY-BACK  SET  LISTS  and without Vocals, you can take KARAOKE  1 Step further by Singing and Playing your Instrument, since both would be absent from your Custom MIX!  
Add Instruments, Re-Mix  OR  as Studio Quality Tracks to your VIDEO Files!


On Location    of Your Entire Performance to 24 Track Analog Audio.   Each Microphone Channel is split with separate, isolated feeds to the House and Recording Mixers, so your Show Set-up stays the same.   Digital Mix-Down of your Recording with Automation to MP3 HD or 5.1 Surround Sound is done in our Post-Production Studio with a Digital Mixer and  PRO TOOLS.
Add your MUSIC Files to your Web Site MP3 Player or Sync to Video.


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